23 March 2018


23 March 2018

                Aaron, his son Elliott, and his son’s friend Tyler from Wisconsin… GO BADGERS!, got to the dock at 8 a.m. A stiff 10-15 NE wind and a brisk temperature of 55 degrees kept us all a little chilly and proved to be a tough start to the morning for fishing. With a water temperature of only 64 degrees the bite was slow but plenty of pinfish were tuning them to the sometimes-subtle bite taps of what to feel for. With a little frustration mounting as one shrimp after another were being chewed off, Elliott finally caught a large pinfish. As I explained that these are generally used for bait, he asked if he can take a picture of it commenting how pretty a fish it was. I thought to myself, “This is what it’s all about, enjoying what we have here on the Gulf Coast and admiring nature in all forms.” So, thank you Elliott for reminding me of that!

As we moved from dock to dock and flat to flat, these three displayed an obvious fishing knowledge as their casts were spot on and their technique as far as keeping the line tight and setting the hook were certainly within Salt Crust’s standards. As they showed me pictures of Elliot’s trophy Walleye and a table full of beautiful delicious Perch, the pressure was mounting as after 4 dozen shrimp we had no dinner on the boat. After the wind shifted to out of the SW and a reup of bait, we switched tactics and locations.

Targeting docks and rocks along the pass, finally, we found them and had a solid hour and a half of shrimp slinging, fish slaying, and in general the fun kind of mayhem we had been looking for in the form of Flounder, Black Drum, and Sheepshead. The cherry on top was we saw some dolphins on the way back to the dock. While it wasn’t a record breaking day, we all had a blast, we all learned from each other, we got dinner for six, and most importantly we all made memories together. Y’all are now a little saltier. Thank you guys for your business! And while you arrived as a customer, you left as a friend, and we hope you will return as Salt Crust Family!


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