About Us

As a Sarasota native, Captain Ben has always loved the beautiful waters and coastal wild life of the gulf coast. Ever since he caught his first keeper Snook at 12 years old, he made the permanent shift from all time bait catcher, to all time bait user! After a 9-year stent in the Submarine force as a culinary specialist, Captain Ben has come back to his home land with his beautiful wife Lindsay to live life on the water.

Salt Crust Charters was dreamed up while Captain Ben and his wife were on their honeymoon in the Florida Keys. They went on an all-day excursion on the water snorkeling, tubing, and jet skiing. After the fun filled day Captain Ben’s wife Lindsay said, “I feel like I’m salty, like a salt crust.” After an evening of laughing about how salty we were, and how everyone should “respect the crust!” It blossomed into the business Salt Crust Charters, Get Salty!

The mission of Salt Crust Charters is to provide family friendly, fishing for anglers of all ages and skill levels, all the while seeing, learning, and enjoying the vast wild life and breath-taking views the Gulf Coast has to offer.

Salt Crust Charters is a proud sponsor of Blaze of Hope. Blaze of Hope is a 501c nonprofit local Sarasota charity that provides financial assistance to families of children with a life threatening medical condition while hospitalized, to enrich lives with hope, build community and raise awareness.

Meet the Captain

Captain Ben was born in Sarasota Florida in 1979. At 13 he became a military brat and moved all around the country until he returned to sunny Sarasota Florida at the ripe age of 21 years old. After 7 years of being home, Captain Ben joined the United States Navy and became a Culinary Specialist in the submarine force for 9 years. In March 2017 Captain Ben separated honorably from the service and has since continued living life ON the water now, vice under it.

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           The Boat

Captain Ben prowles the water in his 2015 Ranger 220 Bahia with a 150 HP Yamaha four stroke motor. It is 22 feet long with an i-Pilot trolling motor, 6 ft. power pole, and dual Lowrance electronics. With tons of storage, and all the bells and whistles, this vessel is sure to provide a safe, comfortable, and reliable ride as well as having all the tools to help Captain Ben put you on the fish!