Putting In The Time

While the phrase “Put in the time” sounds cliché, others may argue it’s a numbers game. The more you do something, eventually you will be successful at it. Yesterday was no different. I went out solo, well, me and my dog Georgia, to scout new areas. We started out cruising the beaches from Big Pass headed North to about a mile up Longboat Key looking for white bait and Tarpon, which there were none. While I found a few interesting spots, the day was fairly slow with couple nice snapper and a mess of lady fish. After a burger from New Pass Bait & Grill and a sandbar swim with Georgia, my good friends Bill Willis and Alan Wilson called and wanted to push offshore.

We were only going about six miles offshore but with 2-foot waves from the North West, the 22-foot Ranger had only the prop in the water several times. I would ONLY recommend doing this with EXPERIENCED boaters and an experienced Captain. At one mile from our destination we set out our 3-line spread which can be tricky with no out riggers, an 8 foot beam, and dodging crab buoys. We sent out an X-Rap, a Cuda Tube lure, and a Gator spoon on a #2 plainer with 10 foot of 50# fluorocarbon leader and 8 inches of #8 wire. Maintaining a speed of between 5 and 8 knots the first explosion was on the Cuda Tube lure. I maintained course and speed while Alan reeled in the other two rigs and Bill kept maximum pressure on the thrashing beast. Then I brought in the big toothy critter! Everything reset and back at it again, the plainer went off and this time Alan brought in the nice Kingfish.

I had been on the water for 8 hours and after a 20 minute beating on the way off shore, one hour of trolling and a 20 minute beating back in, we had meat for everyone and a fantastic safe time! In the words of Rob Dyrdek sometimes you gotta “Do work!” and of course Get Salty!



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